Edit, test and publish alternative transport schemes.
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OPA, an interactive map for roadworks and events!

OPA is our latest product built to communicate interactively about roadworks and events. For more information check the OPA section or our blog.


Anyways builds advanced web-based solutions related to mobility and traffic.

Advanced Routeplanning

We have a very advanced and feature-rich routeplanning solution at our disposable, including multimodal/intermodal routing, bike sharing and P+R routing.

Mobility Experts

Our solutions are based in years of experience with problems in mobility and traffic.

Edit, test, publish!

Combine our expertise and routeplanning with your own mobility scenario's to study the effects or share planned infrastructure with the world.


Check some of our projects or demo's!

Analytics Tools

Simple network analysis tools.

Transit Simulation

A future tramline simulation.

Transit Heatmap

A heatmap showing a timerange.

Ghent Circulation Plan

A simulation of a future planned scenario.

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