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OPA - Communication about road works done right!

When a road is closed for roadworks or an event, how do you communicate about it? Do you provide leaflets throughout the neighbourhood and put an official sign along the road?

Research shows that 9 out of 10 motorists have a navigation device, and according to Google, 80% of smartphone users have actively used a navigation app in the past 30 days. An American study from pew reveals that 67% of smartphone users occasionally use a navigation app in the car. In particular it is young people that use these apps most often.

For logistical reasons, good navigation is crucial. Information on the accessibility of the destination can save time and money. An unknown road closure can jeopardise the delivery chain.

It is important for road authorities to provide good traffic information to ensure that lorries and cars don’t go driving in streets where this is undesirable or even impossible. A large scale study in Amsterdam on the use of apps for smarter navigation advises to provide better digital information on roadworks for navigation.

ANYWAYS offers a service to enhance the publication of precise traffic information on roadworks and events. Our OPA service is a navigable map of the traffic situation that you are planning. We publish this map on the internet and provide you a link that you can e-mail, integrate into your own website or distribute via social media.

There is a special function for companies and shops: “how to reach us”. This is a link to the route planner with the destination already filled in. Both clients and suppliers will only have to fill in the origin of the trip to know how to get there.

ANYWAYS publishes the information on the event and the diversion in a standardised format so that the navigation industry can pick up the information and use it in OEM devices, apps and services. In this way everybody knows about the roadworks or the event.

If a tender demands the distribution of leaflets amongst those affected immediately by the roadworks or the event, the service assists you in that as well. We provide a nice map with all the information in a printable pdf file.

You can test OPA for free! Checkout out our OPA product page. Have you got some questions about this service? Mail or call us, we will be happy to assist you further!

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