Edit, test and publish alternative transport schemes.

OPA, an interactive map for roadworks and events!

OPA, or Online Publication Assistant, enables you to communicate about roadworks or events in an interactive and individualized way. In addition of communicating static information about what roads are closed we add extra information like planned detours. We show all this on a map that can be used to show how to best bypass the blocked areas. We do this by including route planning functionality.


Our approach of including routeplanning on top of the static data enables each user of the website to plan their own itineraries. We've seen that it's extremely difficult to communicate this kind of information on a static map, it's impossible to include all possible routes on one map. In addition to this it's also possible for businesses and people who are affected by the change to communicate to their customers or visitors what routes best to follow. An example below of a closure of two adjacent streets with planned detours in blue. A route is shown to a fictitious business close to the closed or roads for people coming from the north. You can embed the route planner in a website like the example below (click and see what happens...) and check out the full screen version that you will receive from us in a new window: just click here!

A FREE trial run?

We now offer you a FREE publication for two weeks of one traffic situation. Just send your event information:
  • title
  • start date
  • end date
  • sketch or description of the location and roadclosure and diversion details (cars and HGV only or bikes and pedestrians too)
  • your contact information (mail, telephone number)
  • your logo to make your route planner personal
to . We send you a link to the website, you verify the result and we publish.


When you are happy with the result, you can keep the website online until the end date and use it as much as you want to communicate for a One-off Fixed Fee. We will provide you the price details in the response mail you receive with the link to the free test website.

Special request?

Is the traffic situation more complex, with various phases and complex diversions? We will contact you to make an offer. Mail to or call Wim Michiels on (+32)0494/70.98.92.

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