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Build different mobility scenarios to analyse and compare them.

Closing or opening a bridge, planning a new building, developing a new area or reorganizing a road network?

Impact helps you compare, evaluate and analyze different scenarios without the technical complexity of a full blown traffic model.

Play, collaborate & communicate

Modify anything about the existing road network for one or more scenarios, play with the network, analyse the changes and publish the results.

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Modify anything on the existing network.

In one or more scenarios change existing roads, remove roads or add new ones.

Edit bicycle lanes, add pedestrian crossings, change access restrictions or modify oneway restrictions.

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Analyze a scenario or compare multiple.

Gain insight about a scenario using network analysis tools and origin-destination data.

Analyse a scenario and compare to other scenarios or the existing network.

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Collaborate and communicate.

The scenarios can be shared online, you can give others access to collaborate.

Use maps and visualizations in the application or create beautiful maps using GIS software to package and present the result.

Combine data and expertise, anywhere.

Impact enables users to combine their data and expertise to analyse mobility scenarios anywhere in the world.

Expertise can drive what scenarios look like. Analysis and data can evaluate the assumptions made.

Available globally

Use your own data

Scalable and flexibel

Integrates with other tools


Different plans for any size project.

No matter what the size of your team or your projects, our plans are flexible.


one project

1 user

Access to all analysis tools

Access to origin-destination data

2 scenarios

100 km² network


per project

4 users

Access to all analysis tools

Access to origin-destination data

10 scenarios

500 km² network

Priority support

500 /mo

unlimited projects

10 users

Access to all analysis tools

Access to origin-destination data

Unlimited scenarios

1000 km² network

Priority support

Project specific support

If you need more than 10 users or larger networks, we can help you, don't hesitate to contact us.


Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

Can I use Impact anywhere?

Absolutely. The data in Impact comes from OpenStreetMap (OSM). Although coverage can vary, it has become on the best road network datasets and it's openly available. OSM contains a lot of useful data for intermodal or cycling scenarios.

Is there a limit on the analysis?

No, we don't limit you in any way in how you use Impact or the network behind for analysis. You can run these as many times as you want and we allow you to download the data so you use it offline. The data in the scenarios is yours!

Do I get free updates?

Yes. When we implement new features or update one of the components they become immediately available to all our users. The data in the scenarios you manage yourself. We will not automatically update or change it once a scenario has been created.

What is project specific support?

We help you out with specific projects and help you apply the tools. We also help you with or develop a new methodology applied to your specific use case. If you need specific datasets integrated or simulated we can also support you there.

Does it work on Windows, macOS, Linux?

Yes. Impact is a web application that works in the major browsers. There is also a plugin for QGIS that you install from the QGIS plugin repository. The plugin and QGIS are available on all major operating systems and devices.

Can I share my scenarios freely?

Absolutely. The data in the scenarios is yours, we don't claim any ownership over your hard work. We even encourage you to share and publish your scenarios when you want and all data can be downloaded for offline use.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Of course! Upgrading your plan can always be upgraded or downgraded. Scenarios can be added or removed if you wish to do so. We invoice you only once for each project following the pricing on this page or you can updated to the unimited plan if you are a heavy user.

What data is included?

Next to the base road network, everything that is available in our Mobility Data Explorer, including an API with different origin-destination datasets you can use to apply to your scenarios. There are also simulated versions of these datasets available and we can generate more on demand if needed.

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