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A simple yet powerful solution for staying ahead of perturbations (e.g. events, roadworks) and taking mobility management to the next level.

Send data to service providers like WAZE, Google or TomTom.

How does ShortCut work?

Edit the existing road network, test & verify the changes, and publish the results.

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Make your desired changes on the existing network.

This can be done manually or by simply importing data from your own sources. You start from the existing road network.

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Verify everything is working as it should.

Test that you've setup the correct detours, alternative routes are possible and everything can still be reached.

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Communicate what you want, with who you want, in any way you want.

For example as a map embedded in your website or as raw data that navigation devices can understand.

The easiest tool yet to manage

ShortCut makes it easier to control and manage mobility when things change, whether temporarily, permanently, or even hypothetically. Use it to publish and create data about mobilty during events or road closures.



ShortCut handles bicycles and pedestrians just as well as cars. We are working to include support for public transit.


Editing something in ShortCut has an immediate effect on the routeplanning and the data being published.


Communicate with mobility solution providers.

Communicate with a diverse range of mobility providers like WAZE, Google or TomTom. We can help you publish your data as open data, using international standards, to make sure it reaches the biggest possible impact.


Try ShortCut for free anytime, anywhere.

We can help you get started or test with an actual real-world case.

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